Michael Montague

"The King of High Productivity Excellence" TM

Author of "Shiny Object Mastery -The Formula for Overcoming  Distractions and Increasing Productivity"

Michael Montague - "Shiny Object Mastery"

Are you a successful business owner who suddenly finds yourself

overwhelmed by distractions, constantly chasing the next shiny object?

Have you lost your momentum on the way to achieving your dream business? 

Has procrastination become your unlikely friend because you are afraid of making wrong decisions?

If you need the clarity in your business that will allow you to

take back control and leverage your time to power your business forward again,

This journey is exclusively for those of you who deserve

the privilege of high productivity excellence.

Michael Montague​​​​

Coach, Author and Speaker

What does it Take to Reach High Productivity Excellence?

Sustainable Motivation

It takes sustainable motivation to join the elite 2% of the population who achieve their biggest dreams. The high productivity required to reach your potential is within your grasp, but without the aligned focus of your "inner game", you will not reach the "next level" of your success no matter how much you think you want it. Before you build the life of your dreams, you must first build your foundation.

Habit Integration

Many people dream of high-level success. If you want to consistently live it, you must become the successful person you have envisioned. The only way to accomplish this is by integrating new habits. You may have tried to change your behavior in the past. How did that work out for you?

Why Do I Have to Apply to Work With You?

The exclusive 1-on1 experience that you will receive, limits the number of new clients I can effectively serve. Do you feel as if you are spinning your wheels, unable to take your business forward due to ever-increasing distractions? Can you afford financially or emotionally to spend another year without acheiving the success you desire and have worked so hard for? If you are committed to discovering the laser focus that will bring you high productivity excellence, apply by clicking below to see if you are a fit for my expertise.

I do not sell information...

I deliver control of your time back to you, where it belongs.

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Michael Montague believes in the best version of you. His mission is help people transition from the Information Age into the Age of Purpose.  He shows you the key to unlocking the door to high productivity excellence by aligning your purpose within your life and business.