Revealed: The 3 Shocking Myths
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High Productivity Excellence
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(And How to Take Back Control of Your Time)

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No One Has Been Teaching You How 

to Build Your Foundation for Long-Term Success Until Now.

You don't need more software tools and hacks to build the life of your design...

You need a roadmap and a proven system that will show you how to cut the distractions from your life and deliver control of your time back to you... where it belongs!

In this 4-part course we will...

(1)Build Your Foundation

by upping your inner game for the long-term successful life and business of your design.

(2)Design Powerful New Habits

to eliminate your distractions, bring you laser focus and allow you to take back control of your time.

(3)Structure Your Day and Your Environment

for high productivity excellence to improve your

efficiency, allowing you to make the most of your time

at work and at play!

(4)Align Your Purpose Within Your Life and Business

through strategically designed goals and improved

support structure that ensure you enjoy the sustainable   motivation you have been looking for.


Do you really go to sleep at night dreaming of higher productivity?

Of course not! But you do dream of spending less time at work and more time with your family and friends. You do dream of making a meaningful impact on the world. You do dream of reaching your potential by following your unique purpose and building your legacy.

You've been waiting for this day... the day when you finally awaken the hero inside of you...

 I understand the uncertainty that comes with change and taking the first intentional steps outside of what has been your zone of comfort. I have often been there too. It's the excitement of a new beginning. There is so much more waiting for you now. 

If you are still hesitant to join with me and experience transformation, or feel now just isn't the right time, I get it...

But you also recognize that you are no longer willing to tollerate staying stuck where you are, or you wouldn't still reading this page. Only you can decide when you are ready for the challenge. I can't take the first step for you, but I do believe in the best version of you. It's time for you to believe as well.

What is Included in

"Shiny Object Mastery"?

  • 8-Week Online Group Coaching Course with 16-Videos and 12-PDF Downloadable Excercises
  • Weekly "Deep Dive" Group Calls with Course Members to Discuss Exercises and Give Feedback 
  • Private Community to Ask Questions and Share Your Successes and Challenges with Your Peers
  • check
    1-on-1 Individual  Call at the Conclusion of Our Class to Discuss Your Future Success

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